Studio Junction Inc. was founded by Peter Tan and Christine Ho Ping Kong in 2004. The partners formed a small design studio and custom woodworking shop grounded in the experience and knowledge that comes from combined degrees in Architecture and Fine Arts. The practice is involved in the design and construction of spaces and objects at various scales.

The studio is widely recognized for our Courtyard House. This house reflects our interest in urbanism, the poetics of light and space, and the detailing and craft of woodworking.

“it’s very imaginative and innovative and yet extremely modest in terms of its means, and i think it creates a really interesting prototype on how you would intensify in the city”

shirley blumberg
juror for the oaa design excellence awards 2008
perspectives, summer 2008

Christine Ho Ping Kong b.arch b.f.a

Christine has a wealth of experience in single family residences - new construction, renovations and additions. In addition to small residential projects, her previous experience as an intern architect include a variety of projects: social housing, urban planning, condominiums, and mixed-use developments. From her background in Fine Arts, Christine brings a sensitivity to site conditions, natural light, and materials. With her creative vision and refi ned design sense, she intuitively recognizes the sensorial qualities that make an enduring space.

Christine’s professional responsibilities extend through all phases - from conceptualization, to design development, contract documents and contract administration. Christine is familiar with municipal planning and development approval mechanisms, including minor variances for committee of adjustment, and amendments to the official plan or by-laws. As the facilitator of communications, Christine has been responsible for keeping a close link to clients, producing presentation drawings that clearly and effectively communicate the design intentions, and facilitate meetings with city and urban planners, Community Planning and the community-at-large.

Peter Tan b.arch
Peter began his career in hands-on architecture - residential construction and highly crafted custom millwork - in architecture school. Peter has worked with varying scales – from furniture, built-ins and cabinets, to buildings and how they are situated within the urban fabric. His design process emphasizes the sequencing of space as defined by natural light, as well as the paradoxical need of an indoor space to be connected to the outdoor environment.

Peter has a deep understanding and appreciation of dense urban conditions. He is adept at visualizing and solving complex architectural problems. Peter’s design rigor clearly articulates his strong architectural ideas and his designs are simple yet effective in addressing difficult city sites. Peter is involved from early conceptualization of a project to the end of construction. His hands-on experience in construction and cabinetry are an asset during budgeting, structural co-ordination, detailing, and site supervision.